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The goal is that all players should play and being accounted for and no single stroke should break the good mood. The Biarritz Scramble allows choosing the most appropriate shot each time, which is not always the best one. Remember that in each hole you must use at least one stroke of each player; and, therefore it usually pays to take both players into account before getting to the green. It is best to use a good ball of the player that is playing worse as soon as possible, even if the other ball is marginally better. Your game will not be damaged by hard luck at the last minute. If you are shooting for birdie and the ball is on the green or in the fairway, remember that you can alter the order of playing. Champions normally beat par by several strokes, so do not get distracted.

The dubious Quinces distinction -by the way, the most-celebrated one- adds some spark to the bottom of the table.


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